Maria's journey started at her studies at the University of Fine Arts in Greece. During her academic education, she experimented with different designs and materials with the latter as a point of reference. She uses metal wire and knitting techniques to create unconventional pieces.
Her artistic approach to jewelry is conceptual. Her items are not designed as decorative details supplementing the female image. They are rather sophisticated elements that highlight the female body and tell a story. Mythology, history of art, organic and natural forms, fashion and contemporary art are all crucial sources of inspiration and ostensible thematics.
Recently, she finished her specialization in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing. She also participated in group and solo exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.
At the same time, by following an opposite, compositional route she condenses her writing upon wearable garments using sewing and metalsmithing techniques and the wealth of materials to approach the notion of femininity over time.

Maria is based between London and Greece, and is inspired constantly by her surroundings, which she infuses into her designs.