Maria's journey started at her studies at the University of  Fine Arts in Greece. During her academic education, designs, creates and experiments with different materials. Her point of reference is material. She uses metal wire and knitting techniques to create unconventional pieces.

Her artistic approach to jewelry is conceptual. They are not designed to be details on a woman’s image. They are rather sophisticated elements that highlight the female body and tell a story. Mythology, history of art, organic and natural forms, fashion and even contemporary art are all crucial points of reference and possible thematics.

In the last years, she continues her studies in jewelry design and silversmithing. She also participates in group and solo exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.

At the same time, by following an opposite, synthetic route condenses her writing upon sculptural ensembles using the technical skills of metalsmithing and the richness of materials to approach the sense of femininity over time. The ensembles that are created sometimes small and other times large, made of various materials, are inspired by different eras through time.

"I feel that by creating a piece of jewellery I can express my ideas, my feelings and my experiences. My aim is to create an emotional response in both the wearer and the viewer of my work. Through every piece I intend to create, a story is born that unfolds slowly starting from the research and experimentation and reaching its completion of the piece. For me, every idea has to be explored enough to be able to express the spiritual status of the work".

 - Maria Glezelli -